The Mitacs Globalink program matches Canadian Professors hosting world-leading research and innovation projects with international undergraduate students from India, China, Brazil and Mexico. The Globalink team previously employed a Drupal-based web form for students to access and submit their applications for the 2011 and 2012 Globalink student call periods.

Mitacs Globalink wanted to develop a revised Student Application component that would include aspects not fully contemplated in the original Drupal website, such as a Student Referral web form (replacing manual referral letter collection) and administrative and data reporting functionality. The goal was to enhance end-user experience, increase reliability and performance, and improve internal productivity.

Skunkwerks worked collaboratively with Mitacs Globalink to develop a custom solution that encompassed all of existing functionality of the Drupal website and provided additional utility, robustness, security and scalability. Midway through its 2012 Student Call (recruitment?), Mitacs Globalink decided to migrate over to the solution developed by Skunkwerks. Skunkwerks assisted Mitacs Globalink in the migration of 2012 data from the old Drupal web form to the new Skunkwerks solution.

The Skunkwerks solution allowed the Mitacs Globalink team to reliably collect student applications, process the applications and extract meaningful metrics as part of its internal workflow processes. Skunkwerks continues its collaboration with Mitacs Globalink, and is developing additional components for the Globalink program, which will further facilitate these workflow processes.