Founded in 2007, CDRD is a not-for-profit organization that assists academic researchers in the research, development and commercialization activities necessary for the creation of new drugs and medicines. CDRD bridges the gap between early-stage academic research and industry by providing research and financial assistance to academic researchers.

In 2007, CDRD approached Skunkwerks to create a custom yet basic system to handle various people, project and grant data. Over next few years, the collaboration between Skunkwerks and CDRD strengthened further. This fruitful and unique relationship resulted in the creation of several new modules, such as reagent and cell inventory management, screening and chemistry data manipulation, resource booking via an interactive calendar, and employee resource tracking.

Skunkwerks leveraged the Chemaxon Marvin suite to build a chemistry module that enabled molecular sketching, the registration of external and in-house synthesized compounds, and powerful substructure searching. When compared to similar chemistry solutions that employ a per-seat licensing scheme, this new technology drastically reduced software costs carried by CDRD. Skunkwerks also used this suite for a reagent inventory system, which allowed scientists to record inventory data both textually and graphically.

To assist CDRD Administrative staff, Skunkwerks created a resource tracking system that facilitates the recording of employee timesheets and provides employee metrics for quarterly and yearly reporting purposes. Additionally, an “Executive Summary” view was custom tailored to the needs of CDRD Executives to allow for the retrieval of high-level project data.